KDW (Collaborative and Proactive Solutions)

KDW is a model created and promoted by Dr. Ross Greene and the GGUFSD is committed to its philosophy. We believe that “kids do well if they can” and if they can’t, something is getting in the way. We believe all students prefer “doing well” to “not” and by collaboratively solving problems together we can help students resolve issues that are impeding academic and social progress. In other words, we identify an expectation that the student is having difficulty meeting and determine the lagging skills that need to be trained so that the child can be successful. KDW is a proactive approach that relies on the consideration of the child’s concern to enable true collaboration and problem solving. BUT – the hallmark of KDW is the identification and training of lagging skills that sets it apart from other modalities. This philosophy underlies every interaction between staff and student! GGUFSD partners with Dr. Ross Greene and his organization Lives in the Balance for ongoing training.

Books by Dr. Greene

The Explosive Child (1998)

Treating Explosive Kids (2005)

Lost at School (2008)

Lost & Found (2016)

Raising Human Beings (2016)